4K action camcorder or 1080p regular camcorder?

Been looking to buy a camcorder just for home videos of the kids and such. the cost difference between hd and uhd is about 3x for the reputable brands. GoPro and Sony make more affordable 4k camcorders but they are referred to as “action camcorders”. I know what those are used for but dont know if i should get one of those for the better resolution, or stick w h a regular camcorder(handycam for instance). 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    4K isn't going to make much difference - HD is good enough.  If you're looking to get footage of the kids doing what kids do you'll need something that you can use without thinking too much about it - no time for field recorders and headphones!  Idealy you'd go round the shops and see what you feel most at home with, but these days....

  • 1 month ago

    I would probably buy an HD model. 


    Do yourself the favour, if possible, of getting one that has Both 

    a microphone input And a headphone output.     

    Otherwise, plan on also buying a Tascam DR-05 or similar audio recorder 

    and syncing the sound from it when you edit your videos.   

    Consumer-grade camcorder sound isn't much good by any standard.    

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