Ny & pa tax inquiry?

So in July I changed my drivers license to my PA PA address, however I did not update the address at my job; still with NY address. Will this be a problem with 2020 tax filing? Will I owe money to PA? I earn 59k. Thanks for any insight an help

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  • 1 month ago

    You have to file a NY return AND a PA return since you resided part year in both.

  • 1 month ago

    Where is your work located?  If it was -- and still is -- in NY, you should end up all right with PA and NY on taxes for your wages, although you will have to file as a "part-year resident" in both states.  Your employer should continue to withhold NY state taxes.  You will calculate and pay NY state taxes for the whole year (because you worked in NY for the whole year).  Then you will calculate PA taxes for the part of the year you lived in PA (regardless of when you changed your driver's license), but you will get a PA credit based on the NY taxes you paid for the time you worked in NY but lived in PA.  Note that if you have income other than your wages (such as interest or dividends), the state taxes on that income will be based on where you lived when you received that income.  If that other income is significant, you may have to pay estimated taxes during the year to PA since your state tax withholding on wages will all go to NY (the state where you work).

  • 1 month ago

    Legally, you pay taxes to the state where you work FIRST, and to the state where you live second, usually reduced by what you paid where you work.

    For the purpose of partial year residency, it matters when you actually moved, NOT when you updated your address with the DMV or the employer.

    For Federal income taxes, you are either in the US, or you are not in the US. Which state is irrelevant.

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