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If sliverback gorillas had the same brain/intelligence as humans would they be the ones leading the world the way humans are ?

And us beneath them?

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    No.  Our species is group-selected.  We live in groups larger than what silverbacks manage.  Human groups would fight the smaller gorilla groups, and win.

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    No, because they are adapted to the forest, and that is where they have to live to find food and shelter. Forests were already shrinking before humans evolved. So, gorillas won't be able to expand their range around the world exept in forested areas. Gorillas cannot take over human habitats because they cannot survive outside of forests.  Humans have evolved to live in the much hotter African savanna, where there is few trees and little food for apes. In fact, we evolved such high intelligence mainly because without it, we would not have found enough food to eat to avoid extinction, since we cannot digest grass, the most abundant potential food in the savanna. Instead of evolving the ability to eat grass, as some baboons have done, we evolved brains to find food such as tubers (plants that are hidden underground such as potatoes and yam), shellfish, and we evolved as hunters. Our brains even allowed us to invent agriculture, which is not practiced by gorillas. Gorillas do not eat meat and they do not hunt and they cannot grow their own food. If they try to hunt, they would most likely fail because they cannot climb trees to chase after animals inside forests, unlike the smaller chimp. 

    Further, their hands are not as dexterous as ours, so they cannot build tools. We build tools that can be used to hunt down elephants and gorillas and build high rises. Their hands would not allow them to do that even if they are as smart as we are and can think of the same tools conceptually. We also evolved language, and we can teach each other to do things by talking so different people do not have to keep reinventing what have already been invented. The Chinese invented gun explosives, and the Europeans did not have to do the same. They invented guns using explosives. We build upon existing knowledge with our ability to speak. Gorillas cannot do the same. 

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    Not a chance. During human evolution, our breeding population split into two groups at least three times. One group was larger, stronger, slower, dumber, and mostly plant eating, while the other group (us) was smaller, lighter, faster, smarter, and more meat eating. Australopithicus Boisii and Australopithicus Robustus were dead ends for this reason. The Gorilla/(Chimp + Human) split was similar, although Gorillas are not extinct (yet). The Human/Neanderthal split might be similarly characterized, in that Neanderthals were slower and dumber, although they were largely meat eating. It is fun to think about. 

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    No, they're from Africa.

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