Despite all these draws, we're not losing that many games - that's a plus point, however draws can prove costly when trying to win a title?

18 games in and 7 draws already

Even Man United have drawn less games lol

I did say City would climb up the table and emerge as #1 title contenders

question is, despite being the holders, do you people remain convinced of our current attempt at defending the title ?

do you believe we'll eventually 'pull away' from the pack,  the rest of you and end up once again - battling City for the title ?

If we don't start winning games on the bounce like we did last season we may be in for a rude awakening.. I mean it may end up just City running away with it.

I don't think I need to remind anybody just how capable they are either.  At their absolute best,  unless we're at our absolute best - they WILL 'run away' with the league folks.

there is no other team in the land besides us, who can sustain a title challenge fight with them.

anyone who believes Man United, 18 games in are going to fight for the title are deluded.

ain't happening.

thoughts ?


Man Utd under Ole are 'work in progress' with good potential...but lets see what the table looks like after say 25 or 26 games.

If its still very tight then we can begin to 'speculate'..

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  • Ryan
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    1 month ago
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    Man City are the biggest threat they're the only team capable of controlling games. It will be hard for them without a proper striker though but they do have like 6 players anyway who can pop up with a goal besides Aguero which other teams don't 

  • August
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Your draws and losses will have cost you the title.Yes it will be confirmed by game 26 

  • i'm concerned because we are not scoring the goals, simple as that really, If we can get that spark back, we should still be there or there abouts...i'll make the prediction that one of the top  6 will win it....though i doubt it'll be by much.. that's provided the whole thing doesn't get curtailed by "you know what"...


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