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Is The Donald Trump Presidency Officially And Controversially Done After So Many Years Of Scandal And Controversy On 20th January 2021?

And Will Replace With Joe Biden And His Message Of Hope, Democracy And Unity For The Entire Nation To Burn The Negativity Of The Donald Trump Era And Restarting Their Democracy With The Joe Biden Era 

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    Wait and see what January 21 brings.

    Even if the corrupt Biden administration prevails, it will only be for 4 years, at most. The American people (as opposed to Biden's Communist regime) will not have their voices silenced, nor will they give in to tyranny.

    Trump may have been forced out in the rigged 2020 election, but he is still representative of the voice of the people.

    The next time, the swamp will be a top priority.

    It's far from over.

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