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Why Lamar Jackson throwed to the wrong guy when Ravens had a chance to tie the game from Bills in the 2nd half?

They might have won the game if he would of throwed to the right guy


Should he be forced to play as Jamar Lackson for one season as punishment?

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    I'm not surprised, I think he's overrated as a QB. He's now 1 - 3 in playoff games and in those three loses he threw bad interceptions that affected the outcome of the game... not that's there's good interceptions but you know what I mean.

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    Sometimes QBs don't have time to find the open receiver.

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    He "throwed" the game.

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    The Ravens were being outplayed in that game even when it was 0-0.  The Bills are simply the better team.  I don't think there's any shame in losing to the better team.

    But I would argue that this was bad playcalling and design.  There are two receivers to that side running what appear to be mirrored whip/jerk routes.  With the Bills in a zone, that outer receiver basically dragged his corner RIGHT INTO THE PLAY.  In man, this might have been a nice little play, but with the corner playing zone with inside leverage (probably a cover 2 shell), that corner is staring right at Jackson who has to throw to the outside of the TE to avoid the inside zone defender.  But that outside lead put the ball in easy reach of the corner.

    Now, should Jackson have recognized the outside corner was playing with inside leverage and gone somewhere else with the ball?  YES.  I'm not exonerating Jackson.  But I think this is a dreadful play design vs zone - which is what most teams play against the Ravens most of the time.  

    The one place on the TV copy that I could see where Jackson COULD have gone is that the receiver on the left is running a corner route.  But while the coverage on him is loose and there is room to run to the corner, that ALSO would have been a dangerous pass that would have needed to be dead perfect to be complete...and Jackson isn't a great touch passer.  That receiver has a safety inside and deep, and a corner outside and shallow...both looking at Jackson.  Besides, it was too late to throw that ball by the time Jackson is already throwing somewhere else.  It needed to be out and lofted to the back corner almost immediately.  I saw no other options.

    Jackson should have scrambled and turned it into an off-script play.  But the play was dead the moment the ball was snapped.  

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