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How many "Roughing the Rodgers" penalties are the refs gonna throw next week to make sure Green Bay gets to the Superbowl?


It's going to be hard for them with either Tom Brady or Drew Brees on the other team though.  It's easier for them when there is a mediocre QB like Taysom Hill, who they don't have to protect.

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    As many as they really need to.

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    The game won't be fixed. Brady or Brees are as likely to get a call.

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    None because Green Bays line can protect Rodgers just fine.The Rams with their top rated D had NO SACKS!!When they did get pressure Rodgers ran for a TD.Brady or Brees may get them calls but the Packers don't need them

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    Are you just pointing out that star QBs get more roughing calls than average ones?  Yes.  We all get that.  Just like the NBA will give it's stars the benefit of the doubt on fouls.

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