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How do people recover?

After have a blackout memory went to the street in pyjamas and walking with no destination? What's that? How does that happen? Does that happen allover the world or only in a region like Babylon? Gang stalking.


Thanks English Guy. How to find an hypnotist? But It seems the person was woke up when she left home.

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  • If it's true what you said, this is called momentary demonic possession, that's why some people don't remember what happened, after becoming aware, during the awakening of the events that happened to them!

    If the case occurs several times during the year, one must consult God first, and then, entering a Protestant Christian church, the faithful will pray to God for that person to be delivered from the Demons.

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    Where is Pyjamas?---Some town in the Middle East someplace?   ;)  It does happen all over the world, it is called Sleep-walking.  People have even been known to drive cars in that state.  once in the US, there was a person who "hopped a freight train" also when sleepwalking, and woke up MILES from home.. 

  • Isn't it amazing how English Guy who left school at fifteen and who has has no tertiary education can identify the problem of the pyjama wearing sleepwalker, and with only one short ambiguous sentence describing the problem on which to base their diagnoses ?? ?

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    Demonic possession causes this in Syria.  It is cursed as a haunted place.

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    You have a condition called somnambulism. You may have heard of sleep paralysis. This is when your consciousness wakes up before the rest of the brain leaving you wide awake but unable to move for a while. Somnambulism is the opposite. When you sleep, your body disconnects from your brain to stop you from acting out your dreams. You can imagine what could have happened if cavemen dreamed of fishing and actually went fishing in the middle of the night when the place was alive with wild beasts. 

    It is the same today but traffic is what you have to look out for. For some reason, a somnambulists body reconnects to the brain whilst you are still sleeping.  You need to see a doc and he may give you something or may send you to a sleep clinic. People with somnambulism have actually dreamed they could fly and have jumped out of windows in their sleep. There was a guy not that long ago who murdered his wife in his sleep. I don't know what happened to him but the trial went on for years. 

    A somnambulist person is the best subject for a stage hypnotist. The hypnotist will carry out a couple of tests to find the most susceptible to hypnosis at the start of his show, tests like clasping your hands together to see if they stick and can't be freed. He is actually hoping for a somnambulist so don't go to see one or you could find yourself on stage strutting like a cockerel. 

    Or as NG says, you could have a glass of water???

    EDIT! I thought you were talking about yourself. People do wake up eventually even when sleepwalking and this can give them a scare. I said a person with somnambulism is a "good subject" for a stage hypnotist and advised you against seeing a hypnotist on stage as he may have you strutting like a cockerel

    Take no notice of de Angelis, the site nut case. He will have you dancing around a fire with a drum, the bloody idiot. "Temporary demonic possession" what next? Give DeAngelis his rattles back and see a doctor.

  • Dr. NG
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    It may take time, a day or so (longer after 50 or so, much longer after 60) but rest and rehydration will get you on track and properly dressed. 

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