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what happens if i keep leftover hair dye?

what will happen


Okay, thanks for answering. I was just curious about that but I'm not gonna save it

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    Do you mean keep the extra in the bottle after mixing? No, you can't do that. When dye and developer are mixed they start a chemical reaction called oxidizing. Oxidizing allows the dye to color your hair. Oxidizing chemical release gas as molecules are shed and this is that characteristics hair dye smell.  Once all the chemicals react oxidizing stops and the dye is inert -meaning unable to dye. It's useless. If you attempt to store the bottle of mixed dye by capping it tightly to prevent air from getting in the chemicals will continue to react and out gas and the bottle will burst open with a loud bang and there will be a mess all over everything. 

    If you don't need the full amount of dye then mix half dye with half the developer in a hair dye bowl and store the unmixed dye and developer in a cool dark place. Never store mixed dye. 

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    The leftover dye police will come looking for you.

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    2 months ago

    dye your pubes  

  • Depends on the dye, if it's regular permanent hair color, that you mix with a developer, it can get over processed. If that happens, you may not get the color you want the next time you use it. You should toss left over permanent hair dyes that you mix with developer, when you're finished using them. 

    If it's fashion dye, nothing will happen to it if it's kept sealed and stored properly.

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