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How should I feel when the guy I’m seeing said he only regrets his threesome cause of me? How should I feel with all this?

Does it seem he enjoyed it Or seem it seem like it scarred him?

He tells me his threesome he had 7 years ago was not bad but not amazing mostly awkward and uncomfortable. He doesn’t regret it and that’s the part that confuses me cause then there’s some part of him that enjoyed it, he says he regrets it when I’m in the picture cause he wish he only ever slept with me. I have noooo idea how to feel about that!! When I asked how awkward it was from a scale 1 through 10 he said an 8 for awkward and 

uncomfortable he said 8.7. When I asked what weighs more it being ok or it being awkward/uncomfortable he says it being awkward/uncomfortable. When I first met him he was open for maybe another threesome and didn’t know if he may want one if in a relationship since he’s never been in a relationship before, then few months later once we started to become something he said if the relationship needed a saving and threesome was the last thing to save it he would especially to stay with the girl he loves. Few months later he tells me he’s never been in a relationship but 99.9% sure he doesn’t want one, if someone pointed a gun to his head and said have a threesome that’s the only want. Few months later doesn’t want anyone to touch me doesn’t want a threesome. Few months later he asked if I ever imagined having a threesome with him he said he bet I have. He doesn’t want a threesome would try to talk me out of it if I went for it he would leave 

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    Probably guilty if you're continue to nag him about this. When we date people we must decide to either accept them and the past they bring to the relationship or to reject that past and the person who carries it. What you cannot do is date someone and all the while throw their sexual history into their face. So either shut up about his past and date him or cut him loose and look for someone who's never had a threesome.

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