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should the US treasury be handing out another $ 2000 stimulus check to  every single US citizen? isn't that going to cause massive inflation?


your local drug dealer and welfare queen is getting one too? every us citizen as well as even illegal aliens? do agree with that or not?

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    That is the goal, the PTB want to ruin America and take it down. It started at 9/11. They want a NWO. Americans must lose their rights, and white Christians must be censored and banned. 

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    Who cares if it causes inflation, Democrats are more about visuals than reality. 

    Printing money like its going out of style is something they do. 

    They say they will have the Rich pay for it. Really? the top 12 richest people in the US are LIberals. These are the same ones shutting down free speech, shutting down businesses, destroying their competition and putting Americans on track to economic Slavery. 

    The Fed has interest rates at almost 0%. They can't go lower

    The fools on the left understand that inflation devalues the dollar. This makes products more expensive.

    Higher taxes, rising energy costs, Loss of jobs to $15 min wages, Forcing Employers to have Unions which kills businesses are a recipe for disaster. 

    It also Gives Democrats total control over people as they make handouts for votes their motto

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    I'll take yours if you don't want it

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    What's worse?  Massive inflation in the future, which we know about it and can minimize as best as possible, or a total destruction of our economy, leaving us open for China and Russia to bid on us.  Would you prefer to be part of China or part of Russia?  Run by the Chinese or by Russia?

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    What ever you own is worth less . $6 burger doubles with cow prices . Government has to or it's worse the other way . Invest in cow . 

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    who cares. this country is a joke. the rugged individualist and pioneer American that made this country what it is today is long gone and so is that spirit. this has become a country or losers and parasites and is a sinking ship.

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