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Fleas, cats a bunny and a slightly big house?

My sister brought fleas into our house when she was living with us. She had gotten a stray dog and it brought in fleas. We didnt know until we started finding fleas on my cats. My cats didnt have fleas before. We had them for a year and they never had a single flea until she brought the dogs. My house has no carpet in it all just wood floor. We have 2 cats and 1 bunny that now has fleas. Theres fleas all in the house. We didn’t notice until after it got bad, we would walk around and they would jump on us thats when we noticed they were also on cats but anyways by the time we noticed it was pretty bad. How do we go about this? They are biting us in our bed, they are in our clothing (we have a pile of clothes in the living room since we are really busy and havent had the time to do the laundry), they are on the couch and everywhere we really step. How do we take care of this? Anyone else ever had go deal with this? What is the most effective way to handle this? Please tell me how to handle this and what to do and what products I need

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    tell her she needs to move out and take her cat with her

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