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Did I lie or not really? Am I wrong? ?

I appreciate it all the helpful answers but I did make the story that clear. 

What happened was, yes I was molested when I was little my grandmother would do things in front of me and it lean to her molesting me and thinking it was ok even tho I knew it wasn’t. She stop for awhile then when I was 15 I went to sleep by her house cause my uncle was over we had movie night but he fell asleep at some point then she started talking and then asked if I could help her deleted porn videos she saved by accident in her phone, that went from me helping to then getting horny by seeing the videos and wanting to do sexual stuff so we touch played a bit then masturbated to porn. I wanted to die for a looong time afterwards! Fast forward to now I’m 21 and seeing a guy and he knows I was molested by someone in the family, one day we were talking and I wanted to get him a bit jealous since he’s had a threesome in the past and it bothers me sometimes even tho I know it’s in his past, so I told him I’ve experiment with another girl I said it twice but there was no react I asked why then he said I know you were molested and feel bad so I got annoyed cause I wanted him a bit jealous so I told him that “it was actually a friend I had sex with to experiment and was not when I was molested”... that’s a whole lie! But then again not really since to me when I was 15 it felt like I did experiment just wasn’t with a friend. Am I wrong? 

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    You're very confused and need to get into some talk therapy before you'll be a fit partner for anyone. Not only is it not fair to try to make people jealous but it's not fair to harbor your own jealousies about things people did before they even met you. Get help, you need it. 

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