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What kind of scam is this?

I keep getting texts from a Virgina based number. They're asking to buy a property from me in Virginia with a specific address. (I don't own it, nor do I live in Virginia.) I happened to be holding my phone when they called, letting it ring just long enough to pop up for a split second, and they immediately hung up and texted me that they tried to call. Obviously this is some kind of scam but what is their goal here? I haven't called or texted the number at all.


They had my full name and everything. I let my curiosity get the best of me and asked how they got my number, and the texts stopped.

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    Trolling......quite literally......

    They are just trying to get you to respond.  

    Then they will ask you if you have a property that you are looking sell.Note:  I get texts like this, as well.  I have never responded but that is how it probably works.

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    Why haven't you just blocked the sender?

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    Obviously, they have the wrong number.

    Just tell them you don't own any property in VA or elsewhere. 

    Since you aren't the owner of the property that they think you own, no scam for you.  They just want to buy it way under market value from someone else. 

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