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Will liberals be upset to know that I snuck into Washington DC to attend the protest and avoided all of blockades checkpoints? ?

I flew into Baltimore and took a bus to Bethesda, Maryland. Then I simply just crossed Maryland aAvenue into Washington DC's neighborhood of Friendship Heights. Then I simply walked to Georgetown where I'm staying with a friend in his home.


Anonymous you're right I won't be surprised because my friend works in law enforcement and has lots of friends in the FBI and they do visit him from time to time.

Update 2:

My friend won't turn me in because he thinks the way I do, and the fact that I saved his life during the Iraq War.

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    If it is just protest, no one will have a problem. If you are like the guys at the Capitol riot who had zip ties and pipe bombs and had other than peaceful intentions even your friend may view you with suspicion. 

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    Yeah, so what?

    There will be lots of people there.

    Just remember to not be violent and the national guard will not shoot you dead.

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    Don't be surprised when there's a knock on your door and it's the FBI. They know what you don't know.

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