Isn't it odd that my handyman would be sick and be in denial about it?

For the past few months, I noticed the handyman in my building starting to get weaker. At first, I thought he just was feeling down and not motivated. But as time went on, I noticed he was getting weaker and weaker and was starting to lose a lot of weight. How he was doing handy work around my building in his weakened condition is beyond me. But when I talked to him one day, I asked how he was doing and if he's feeling ok, just to see if he would admit that he's feeling ill. But he replied in a defensive tone saying, "Yeah, I'm fine. What are you talking about?" Well as weeks and weeks passed by, he was getting even weaker to the point where I saw him sitting down most of the time and not really talking or doing much. Then yesterday, I received news that he didn't show up for work and was hospitalized because his son found him lying on his bed extremely weak and unable to get up. This is exactly what I was afraid of. I mean, he looked terrible for months and was going on about his job as if he was feeling fine, when evidently, he wasn't.

Why didn't my handyman realize he was ill even though he was losing so much weight and becoming so weak? Do some people just not know they are really ill?

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    2 months ago

    Yeah, well, being sick doesnt pay the bills. I'm sure he realised, but who was going to support his family if he took time off, and who was going to pay his medical bills?

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