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How much/strong of weed would it take to get superman high?

I know it's been stated Superman can't get drunk off normal human amounts of alcohol, so would the same be said about marijuana?

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    Well, those marijuana have to be modified, mutated marijuana, at a very high dosage. Dosage that would most likely kill a human. Flash, Superman, Hulk, Wolverine has a high tolerance to drugs and alcohol due to their healing factor. The regular grown marijuana is not strong enough to get them high. So a modified one needs to be created. One that is design specifically for them. How potent is that, I wouldn't know. Alcohol on the other hand is reduce to fill our needs. In Califorina, the alcohol percentage is only 45%. You wont find anything stronger than that and yet, not everyone can handle that. It's rare to see someone drinking a bottle of 100% alcohol. I think the highest I've seen is 98% alcohol. And everyone was just drinking it to test it out. No one wants to drink it casually. Superman unlike Flash, Hulk, and Wolverine, his tolerance to alcohol and drugs depends on how much solar energy he has absorbed. So if Superman has barely any solar energy stored inside him, then he can get drunk and high the same way any normal human can.

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    no reason to think his alien anatomy even has a endocanabanoid system for it to act upon.

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    Well, I think there's two problems really.  One is that Superman is an alien, the other is that he's, well, Super.

    Does alcohol/drugs affect an alien the same as it affects a human?  There's no reason to assume that they would or wouldn't.  If I were writing him, I would NOT have alcohol affect him like humans, but would do what they did in the movie Alien Nation and have some innocuous fluid be alcohol-like to him.  In that movie, milk gets the aliens drunk.  I'd be looking for opportunities to remind people that although he LOOKS human, Superman IS AN ALIEN.

    However, there are multiple comics depictions that show that when Superman loses his powers he CAN in fact get drunk.  Given this depiction, it's not a stretch to assume drugs would affect him the same as well.

    The problem is his powers.  His powers make him immune to all poisons.  Now, there was a Superman III scene where a red K affected Supes gets drunk.  Despite still having his powers.  But I don't feel like that scene was well thought out, and am uninclined to take it seriously.

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    In the Arrowverse, Flash (because of metabolism) and Kryptonians (we presume also because of metabolism) can't get drunk but there are scenes where Cisco cooks up a super cocktail that can overcome Flash's resistance.

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    And there's a similar scene in Supergirl where Kara is given an alien alcohol that actually gets her drunk.

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    So clearly, if we are to take the Arrowverse as canon (which is questionable), their powers can be overcome.  But I don't think it's about an AMOUNT of drug/alcohol, but about potency.  You have a super-character, you need super-potentcy to overcome their resistance.

    IMHO, I like Flash being able to do this, I DO NOT like Kryptonians being able to do this.  Because if you can create a super-potent DRUG that can get them high, then you must also be able to create a super-potent POISON or TOXIN that could kill them.  Which sort of defeats the point of the Kryptonian mythology.  They're invulnerable except against a very narrow set of factors (Kryptonite, super-sounds, magic) or someone else with Kryptonian caliber strength.  Making them able to be killed by a human with super-chemistry feels unfaithful to the premise.

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    my wife got cancer and got medical pot . the stuff they have now is incredibly strong . 

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