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WHAT technology is required which we currently don't have to 'land' or hover inside Jupiter ?

if its not a planet on which we can physically 'set foot' on,  then lets we could put humans right down into its inner atmosphere...

what are the physical and chemical challenges involved here ?

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    Most popular telescopes from

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    You may be interested to learn that we have already dropped an instrument package into the atmosphere of Jupiter. It floated down through the atmosphere under a parachute, and as it did so, it transmitted valuable information back to Earth. This happened in 1995.

    To "hover" inside the atmosphere of Jupiter would only require a larger parachute or a balloon. Such "technology" has been around since around 1800. Getting one to Jupiter requires technology from half a century ago. The only real problem would be financing such a mission because it has to compete with the habitability and "search for life" rubbish that sucks the life out of space exploration today.

    But a spectacular mission to float deep into the atmosphere of Jupiter would tell us much about gas giant planets. Even better would be such a probe to investigate the ice giants such as Uranos and Neptune, since we know so little about these worlds. I expect it would cost about a billion dollars, and there lay the problem.

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    2 months ago

    The increasing air pressure. Jupiter's acceleration of gravity is only 2.3 times Eart's. The major problem with mass and weight is radiation shielding . for humans. Jupiter may have a surface, but a?surface of what is?a HUGE question. Those who insist it has to be metallic hydrogen seem to totally ignore to that metallic hydrogen has to be cold to be?solid. Jupiter radiates a lot more I feared than it receives from the Sun. That means the surface is hot and may be molten. Of we coul.s put threze? Pairs of Doppler radar in orbit around Jupiter we could see what is underneath all That atmosphere. The Gaia satellite currently orbiting Jupiter has?already shown us Jupiter has an extended core, like it has has 2 cores masked together. 

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    2 months ago

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  • Bill-M
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    2 months ago

    What would be required is a  ANTI Gravity Device.   Jupiter is Huge and has lots more gravity than Earth.

  • Nyx
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    2 months ago

    Use a balloon or even a dirigible. Scoop up some of Jupiter's gases, apply some heat, and float away. You would not be able to reach the surface, since the pressure, heat, and gravity would be too much.

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