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Kindergarten teacher requirements for NYS?

Hello. I want to be a kindergarten teacher or a school psychologist (going to decide once I start graduate school) in New York State. I was wondering if I am a psychology major, can I become a teacher with a undergrad in that and get a master's in early childhood? Any kindergarten teachers who can provide me with some information about how I can achieve this goal would be great. I know I could major in early childhood in undergrad but because I did a lot of psychology courses already (my original plan was a social worker) I was wondering instead of wasting all of those if I could continue with that degree and then decide at that point what I'm going to do for my masters. Thanks in advance for any information!!! :) 

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    The requirements can be found on the NY State Education website.  I'm not going to look up the details for you.

    However, I can say that elementary certification is often different than certification in specific subject areas for middle school and high school levels.  You generally need a degree in elementary education to teach elementary school.  

    There are alternative paths to teaching certificates for people who hold bachelor's degrees in non-education fields, but those certificates are usually just for the older grades and allow one to teach in the field of their bachelor's degree.  

    No matter what, a master's degree in early childhood will not be sufficient for a teaching certificate.  

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