What is wrong with my skin?

As a 20-year-old male, I have quite a bit of acne (mainly on the area around my mouth), but my situation is much more complicated than a typical acne problem. The source of my acne seems to be using electronic devices (e.g., phone, laptop, monitor). I know it sounds ludicrous—but I have noticed it for a few years, and I am absolutely sure of it. I know this because I have tried everything. And the only thing that works for me is being away from electronic devices; what works best is being outdoors, night or day. Every day, after I wake up or shower, my face feels optimal. If I go on my phone even for 20—30 minutes after I wake up or shower, the area around my mouth will become extremely red and inflamed, causing an unbearable burning sensation. If I do not go on my phone after I wake up or shower, my face will continue to feel optimal. 

However, I must mention that the acne and burning sensation around my mouth are not the only symptoms. Here's a list of a few more symptoms that I experience when I am on my phone or laptop (the longer I am on these devices, the more severe they become): 

• brain fog

• numbness/puffiness in my left jawline area

• eye fatigue 

• face feels hot

• itchy throat 

• watery eyes

These symptoms are from personal, everyday experience, and they all go away or begin to go away when I go outside, for example. If anyone has an idea of what's going on, I will love to hear it. Thanks to anyone reading this. 

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Friend there are those people that can look at the screen of a cell phone or a laptop or even at an LCD monitor and get flu-like symptoms where they start sneezing and actually experience allergy symptoms close to wherever they're holding the phone I'm one of those people.

    If I sat there and look at my cell phone for too long I'll start experiencing flu-like symptoms and it takes an hour sometimes for it to subside once I stop looking at the cell phone.

  • 1 month ago

    Those sound like allergies, my dude. Something in your house is trying to kill you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your research proves you should immediately throw out all of your electronic devices. I guess we'll never hear from you again.

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