If we lived on exo Planet Tee Garden. Would we age much faster and skin cells deteriorate much quicker?

I heard that the planet just takes 5 days to complete its rounds on a star. I felt that one can have a year be done quickly by that fact. So if humans lived on Tee Garden B would it mean humans will die much faster in its cycle of old age?

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  • 2 months ago
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    So, living on a world of unknown composition, unknown surface conditions in an orbit of unknown stability around a star that emits mainly in the infra-red. If that is your fantasy, you would have to be an optimist.

    The timeframe of biochemical activity in mammalian cells has nothing to do with how many days it takes to circumnavigate a star. You would age at the same rate as you do now, unless the toxic rarefied atmosphere, radiation, and lack of supplies get you first.

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    2 months ago

    yes, because the star would have a lot more mass than our sun and Tee Garden would be a lot closer to it than earth is to the sun

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    2 months ago

    No. That's NOT how gravity and time dilation in genera relativity..tge greater the mass of ANY planet, including fictional imaginary ones or real ones with made up names, the greater the acceleration of gravity and the SLOWER time runs and the slower humans age. It is irrelevant how fast the planet revolt es around the star.

     The mass of the star is NOT irrelevant. Time dilation due to general relativity means the rate of radioactive decay and how fast or slow clocks tick vary with a planet's distance from the star. That DOES affect how fast human and everything else age. 

    Note that I said nothing about special relativity. 

  • 2 months ago

    Time there is just the same as it is here

    It is a Natural Entity

    The Time on a Planet in Andromeda is at the same time as us

    However it is calculated

    Even Black Holes can not have an effect on time in the real sense

    Gravity has nothing to do with it

    Theories are just Theories

    But Reality is Reality, the time at the Edge is the same as it is here

    I am writing this answer as is and it will be coming to you in my Future and yours when I press send

     And I am going to do that now in the Present

    It then will be in both our pasts

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The time it takes a planet to orbit its sun has nothing to do with how we age.  We use the "year" on Earth as a way to measure how long someone has been on Earth.

    On a planet that takes 5 Earth days to orbit its sun, we would still age at the same rate as we do on Earth.

    If we evolved on that planet, we might use the 5-Earth-day year as a measure of time, but that still doesn't control aging.

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