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I reported someone on YA, but why did MY QUESTION get deleted? ?

This is why I despise YA and whoever works for them. They're just like the imbeciles that work for YouTube. 

I reported this person because they were a known troll and he posted a disrespectful comment when I asked "how I can cope with losing my brother". 😢


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    If your question got deleted, some people must have reported it. Your reporting of other posts has nothing to do with it

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    1 month ago

    You reporting a post has ZERO to do with your question being reported and removed.


    Posts are removed when enough users report them as violations (there is NO specific # of reports required to get a post removed, it varies). You can post again here and ask "Was this question a violation" and include the exact text of the question, including any updates, URLs, or images associated with it, and the users here will tell you if it appears to be a violation or not. If not, you have 7 days to appeal to have it reinstated.


    To appeal click on "Help" at the bottom of any YA page, the select "Contact Us" on the following page. From there select Contact a Yahoo Specialist>Appeals>Appeal an Answers Question Removal and then fill out the form provided

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    Because YA IS filled with morons who don't properly know how to answer a question. A lot of them are miserable with their own lives, so they come here to take it out on others without any remorse.

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