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I am happy drifting through and enjoying life on my own terms. Why does everyone feel like I need a plan and to get things done ASAP?

When I "drift", I become much more in tune with my own thoughts and feelings, and I reconnect with or discover new passions. In fact, I find these much more important than any job or career. Right now, I am just listening to music while looking out the window at the ocean. I've never felt so happier than when I just do simple things like these.

I've finally felt the peace I've needed to start writing the book I have wanted to. Since I've taken just a regular old part time job, I've had much more time to feel creative and enjoy life in general. I don't care how successful the book will become, I just want to write it and feel satisfied that I've written something I've wanted to write about.

However, I've always had people on my back giving me the same old speeches: "You're not getting any younger", "Everyone you've ever known is 'ahead' of you in life", or "Are you really going to be living like this for the next 5-10 years?"

Considering how many years humans live (I've met people who've lived to be 100, or even longer), why do we have to get everything done now, right at this moment? Is it really so bad to live life just to enjoy it? Because I haven't met too many people who think it's a good idea, but I don't really care.

When has life become such a status game for our world?

I'm 28/f(will be 29 in a few weeks!)

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  • Bobo
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    2 months ago

    I applaud you for executing your life on your terms.  If your sense of accomplishment is going to be achieved by writing a book, then so be it.  You should not let the mob direct your life or influence you enough to give in to their idea of your accomplishments.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I think you need to do a little research so that you can either defend your position or take on board some of what people are saying if applicable and either way you will be totally at peace with your decision.

    Quality of life counts for a lot and many people are not materialistic and perfectly at peace without needing to lord it over someone in order to big themselves up.  All good.  On the other hand, we all need security because our prime won't last forever and society is all kinds of -ist.  If you completely step out of the "norm" it can be very hard/impossible to be let back in.  Employers like young people unless you have a proven track record or rare skills because they are malleable. They are deeply suspicious of anyone who doesn't want to get ahead because they rightly suspect that that kind of person will just leave if they don't like the conditions.  So, the choices you are making now really do have long term consequences you can't make up for later.  You need to be sure that you understand this and are at peace with this. 

    Find out what you need for the long haul.  Is it to own your own property?  Maybe.  Do you need a pension plan to keep you afloat in the far distant future when you won't be able to just grab more work for an emergency?  Yes, even if it's not comfortable to think about.  Do you need to look after your health long term? Absolutely!  Do you need a social support network of likeminded people.  Definitely, and it's worth the effort to find and maintain relationships with your tribe.

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