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 Briefly describe what Digital Image Processing (DIP) operation is appropriate to achieve the following effects/results:?

i) Reducing the size of an image from 128x128 pixels to, say, 64x64 pixels by using an appropriate image size reduction technique that uses minimum number of coefficients that you have studied in this course. Will it provide similar quality result as compared to a technique using larger number of coefficients and why? Write the relevant equations in both cases in their general form. 

ii) It is desired to enhance a dull/unclear image and make it clearer. What DIP operation is appropriate for this purpose and why? 

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    Not doing your homework for you. 

    Besides, the question says to use "coefficients 

    that you have studied in this course"... WE are 

    not enrolled in that course, so how do you expect 

    US to know what coefficients those are?

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