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How can we find the storage requirements of a 15 minutes  video using the below frame rate?

Find the storage requirements for storing a UHDTV-2 video of 15 minutes duration using standard frame rate and using 7680x4320x24 bit image pixel array 

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    with no compression?

    7680x4320x24 = 796262400 bits

    "standard frame rate" I'll assume 60 per second

    796262400 bits/frame x 60 frames/s = 47775744000 bits/s

    or 4.777e10 b/s

    15 min = 900 s

    4.777e10 b/s x 900s = 4.30e13 bits

    if you want it in bytes, divide by 8 to get 5.37e12 bytes or 5.37 TB

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