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Can Trump pardon himself from impeachment before he leaves office?

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    A Presidential self-pardon is likely to be invalidated by the Supreme Court, and the Constitution specifically exempts cases of impeachment from the pardon power. Impeachment is a Legislative function and cannot be overturned by the Executive or Judicial branches of government.

    FYI: The Senate is required to hold a trial by the Constitution if sent articles by the House. The trial IS going to happen, even if it is after Trump leaves office. Why? Because they can ban him from ever running for President again if he is convicted.

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    1 week ago

    He would have resigned before the impeachment if he hadn't already worked out an effective escape strategy. Maybe one of his foreign dictator friends will invite him to come and stay free of extradition?

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    1 week ago

    Gotta go to the senate for trial which is not happening. LMAO Democrat fascists lose yet again.

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