Is there a decline in believers of the paranormal or do they just stay away from here due to troll denialist taking charge?

Trolls ganging together to delete anyone who stands up to them. Or have they got their way and are now overrunning the site. If so, to the few that are left, do you know of a similar site people could use? Once we have all gone, they can annoy each other. I don't believe in ghosts, neither do I. Me neither. Boy, that sounds like fun. Let's see how long this post lasts.


For a start, person who can't even think of a name. I do not come here to talk to myself. I have a spare account that I sometimes use when the people in charge of this site "DR.NG & Sol" delete my questions. That is all. M impersonates me and if you look, you will see she tries to insult me with a donkey avatar. Sol impersonates me now and again but any discussion I have had with anyone was genuine. I will give NG that, I have never seen him impersonate

Update 2:

Anything other than that is just rubbish that you have made up to have a go at me because I caught you out with your imaginary pal. Sorry but I am not a mischievous kid and it would be too much effort to fart about with impersonating. Sorry but it is all in your mind and that is why you just talk but no proof, just like your silly post. "He won't tell me anything" crap. Do me a favour, I have enough trolls to deal with without you and your silly stories.

Update 3:

Leave me alone with your silly emails and I will leave you alone. You are giving me a perfect example of what my post is about.

Update 4:

Sorry, I meant "comments, not emails"

Update 5:

Nine lives, you are certainly right there. People don't know who they are. Half of them think they are me and I think I am the other half according to the spirit type person below.

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  • 1 month ago

    The quality of the paranormal section was never been really high since I came here - maybe, it was been differnt ten years ago. Denialers are in the same situation like religious people who are absolutely convinced that their God exist aka that "paranormal" phenomena do not exist. I think, the word "Paranormal" is part of a conspiracy; what is normal? wake up, gobble, swig, sex and to die?...humans are capable to use their full energy body and the surrounding keep us on a monkey level. Nothing will be given to you as a present - you need to work on yourself to break out of the circle of agony and ignorance. The big problem today is that people do not know who they are and what they want to reach in future. I was been a sceptic for a long time but I was been interested. I wanted to find out the truth. So, if I hear something what is called a paranormal phenomena, I do my research that I can confirm it or falsify - only to say "it is not real"...only because I do not know anything about it would be an unsophisticated reaction.

    Today, I can say that "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”(William Shakespeare/Hamlet)

    ...and you would hide under your bed screaming for terror.

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