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Who was a worse president: Trump or Obama?

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    Trump did more for America in four years than OBAMA did in eight, and got a lot less acknowment for what he did as well. He passed two laws that Obama let die on his desk to help Blacks and Latino's, did the media let the people know this? HELL NO! Trump put a freeze on heating flue prices, which the Democrated Party has blocked because Biden wants to do away with it. My heating bill has doubled because of this and Biden is not even in Office yet and he is already screwing us!

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  • Anonymous
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    Are you kidding? Obama served two terms, didn't get impeached even once and didn't turn American into a horrifically broken hellhole. He also didn't whip people up into violent mobs to threaten the next president's people so he could stay in power. 

    Obama, hands down. This is not even a question at all. 

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    Both I think they are on the same level No1 is better than the other they are both selfless and bitter and evil

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    I loved Obama. Trump is a lying, cheating, manipulative psychopath. I can not fathom why we people like that guy. He’s a horrible person. But that’s just my opinion

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    Please don't compare an intelligent, soft spoken, wonderful human being like Obama with a sadistic insurrectionist like Trump.  Obama served a full term of 8 years, its just too bad Trump is so jealous of Obama's successful presidential success that he destroyed or tried to anything that had Obama's name on it.  Its time you open your eyes.  Is it because Obama is black that you can't see his achievements?  Obama's government would have accomplished so much more for the people he was serving but he had to deal with McConnell.

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    Hands down............Obama.  Obama traveled around the world, a lot, and apologized to every enemy we were sorry and we should bow down to them.  Obama divided America and shoved racism down our throats.  President Trump  NEVER did anything like that at all.

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    No question.

    Obama never threatened to override the will of the people or commit sedition.

    Plus I can include a whole lot more on why hes better than Trump and it 

    wouldn't even be a close contest.

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    There have been various audits of the two Presidents by Historians, Political Scientists, and Economists over that past while taking a gander at this. The outcomes are that, in light of a survey done by a gathering contained Democrats, Republicans, and Independents Trump generally speaking was appraised as being between 3the 34th to 45th on top notch of US Presidents from best to most exceedingly awful. Obama was evaluated as being somewhere in the range of eighteenth and twelfth.

    It ought to be clear however Trump was appraised 45th by Democrats, 44th to 42nd by free thinkers and 34th by Republicans. Obama was evaluated eighteenth by Republicans and twelfth by Democrats and Independents. When in doubt Historians evaluated Trump feline or near the lower part of the scale and Obama towards the top, Political Scientists and Economists indicated a bigger reach with Trump moving as high as twelfth most exceedingly awful President and Obama as low as eighteenth best President.

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    Hillary was the worst president ever! Lock her up lock her up!

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