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Why didn't The Rock and Brock Lesnar do the kip up in their wwe returns? ?

In their oringial runs with WWE,both The Rock and Brock Lesnar did the kip quite often. But then they left, and when they returned to wwe,in in 2011 and 2012, they didn't really use it. I mean, The Rock used it one time in a segment with The Miz, but he messed it up, and didn't do it again. Did they stop doing it because they weren't able to do it anymore? They got to old or something? It's a shame, because Shawn Michaels also returned after a lenghty absence, and when he did return he could still do the kip up as good as ever. But it's a shame that The Rock and Brock Lesnar couldn't do it in their returns. 

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    The Rock gained alot of muscle mass between when he left WWE in 2004 and when he returned in 2011, If you look at photos I would say he was a legitimate 235 pounds at Wrestlemania 20 and when he returned, he looked about 40-50 pounds heavier at say 280ish, that is a lot of muscle mass and beef. Muscle slows you down and he was abit older so it's understandable he would slow down a little bit. He was in good shape but not great in ring shape when he fought Cena at mania 28, he looked great but he was dripping of sweat 5 minutes into the half hour bout.

    Lesnar is a freak of nature, I'm sure he could kip up if he wanted too, look at how Drew McIntyre eliminated Lesnar at the 2020 royal rumble, he sold the claymore like his life depended on it and pretty much corkscrew backflip over the top lmao I have no doubt he could if he wanted BUT the big fact here is that neither man is at a stage where they "Have too" do anything, both are household names and you'll find they do business their way or the high way. Rock and Lesnar aren't going to stress their bodies if they don't have too, they have earnt their stripes and they have enough money that wrestling is just, more money. So they can afford to tell Vince that if they don't want to do something, and Vince will respect that because when people put butts in seats and will make you millions in revenue, who cares if they don't want to kip up? There won't be any fan who doesn't go to the show because of it.

    HBK was a lot smaller guy, alot more agile and naturally was alot easier for him to do. I'm sure if he didn't want too do it he wouldn't of, but it seemed to me that he was passionate about giving fans their money's worth during his 2nd stint of his career.

    Unfortunately it's just how it is, the more money you earn the less you seem to give a damn lol

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    They were too old would be my presumption

  • Neither man is as athletic as they were when they were younger. Do you think Scott Steiner could do a Frankensteiner like he used to during The 1990's?

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    This is where less is more for me comes to mind. When Rock returned he didn't need to do half the stuff he used to in order to get the same reaction. Same with Brock. Why give 100% to get a 100% reaction when 50% will get you the same thing..

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    Probably not flexible enough to do it anymore, if he botched it once he isn’t going to keep doing something he botches 

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