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i have a question are any of you dancer and can u give me tips on point??? Also I need tips for dance competitions so plz help :)?

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    Pointe: Spend lots of time strengthening your ankles, calves, and feet. You can look up exercises for pointe. Do a ridiculous amount of calf raises (releve) and you'll see improvement en pointe! You can do the exercises without your pointe shoes on at first. My advice is take is slow and be sure to build a good foundation. Start small with basic stuff at the barre, go really slow. And make sure your shoes fit properly!!

    - Competition: Make sure you warm up a LOT before you go on stage, get there at least 2 hours early, and run your dance. Only run your dance once or twice. After that, it tends to get worse with each run. Don't tire yourself out too much. Make sure you have plenty of energy, but don't compete on a fully stomach. Eat carbs the night before. Make sure you stay hydrated. I always did a full abs workout before a competition because it really helps you nail your turns. of course you don't want to be too nervous, but you also don't want to be NOT nervous! Just a little bit of nerves and excitement will actually help you perform better. Don't forget that you are performing, not just going through the motions of a dance! Exaggerate your motions and your facial expression a bit because everything looks smaller on stage. 


  • edward
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    Pointe?  I’m a boy.  Can’t relate.  As for competition?  If you get stressed out your performance will suffer for it.  Just relax the movements should be muscle memory at that point

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