Budget Travel $$ Bolivia-Peru/Cancun/San Juan?

I have seen other questions like this, but they're really confusing and old. I have a ticket waiver that has to be used by March. I wanna go to the beach, but my first travel abroad was Bolivia and its special and even though no beach, I'd like to go back. If so, I'd visit Peru as well. The other options Cancun and San Juan. I know they're all cheaper than in the continental US but PR is definitely more expensive. What would you say is the best low-cost budget for 1=2 weeks for these places? If I go to Bolivia/Peru, I will volunteer and get a free place to stay doing a work exchange. The decision doesn't have to be 100% based on cost, but where would you say is the best bang for your buck and estimation avg prices, one person, one week (or more if volunteering and I know Bolivia is cheap, or at least when I was there. (hawaii is a contender as well) Just trying to see as I am literally known as Mr.Indecisive-Hurryyoassup.Thanks everyone! If more details needed, just ask and I will add to the additional details section :) Stay happy, stay safe and stay healthy!

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    1 month ago

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  • 2 months ago

    Why are Cancun & San Juan grouped together?

    There are no non-stops between the two. 

    Everyone has a stop over back in Miami.

    Bolivia = I don't know when you were there before.

    There is currently a US State Dept travel advisory due to civil unrest and health advisory due to covid.

    Peru = there are no travel advisories.

    Peru has a mandatory 14 day quarantine.

    Hawaii = no quarantine if you get a negative PCR test within 3 days of travel. 

  • hihi!
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    2 months ago

    I would take Bolivia-Peru since you imply that you have not been to Peru. Another country to tick off on my "countries l have visited" ledger. If that matters to you...

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