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Me and my aunt were talking and she said apple and Macintosh were the same companie and it Macintosh was the first computer. I was like no. Ibm was. She went on to say when she went to school all Macintosh was the only thing in school. ( she grew up in the 70s and 80s) so what is it 

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    The FIRST announced personal computer was the Commodore PET (1976; not shipped until later in the year).

    Apple's first computer was "Apple I" (1976). It was a completed circuit card that hobbyists bought and installed in their own cases - This was announced after and shipped before the Commodore PET. I did a lot of work with VisiCalc on an Apple II (1977) back in the day. Apple Macintosh computers were introduced in 1984. There is a famous television commercial which was "officially" aired nationally, only once, during Super Bowl XVIII (18).

    Tandy made the TRS80 (1977).

    Heath made the H8 (1977).

    IBM started making mainframe computers in the 1952. The computing power in a modern personal computer would require a 1960s era mainframe to be in a building the size of about 4 average sized homes as a single building with dedicated - and very large - air conditioning... The power requirements for the computer were HUGE, too. And mainframes of the time had no "applications" as we know it. Use of punch cards to load the "app" and data took a LONG time to create, verify,load and process. There was no "GUI".

    The first IBM personal computer was introduced in mid-1981. DOS-only. No GUI.

    So.... to answer your question directly - and assuming we're discussing personal computers only, your aunt is mostly correct. Apple I and Apple II computers would have been available in schools (but they were expensive, so she must have gone to a very nicely funded school) between mid-1970s to mid-1980s. Same with the original Macintosh computers - see below - through the late 1980s.

    Additional notes:

    The first personal computer readily available to consumers (and REALLY expensive) with a GUI was the Apple Lisa (1983). It was followed by the Macintosh (hardware and software) in 1984. I had a Macintosh, Mac Plus and Mac SE (when they became available). Upgrading their RAM was REALLY expensive. They also came with a mouse and keyboard... and a 9 inch black and white screen. When I got the SE, I also got the Apple LaserWriter. It was amazing compared to what was available on the market at the time (mostly just dot-matrix printers using pin-fed paper).

    Windows 1 was released in 1985. It was horrible. It wasn't until Windows 3 was released in 1990 that the DOS-based GUI started becoming popular.

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    AFAIK IBM was first.  That was all that was available & IBM DOS WAS THE OPERATING SYSTEM.  That system is still in use today as there are space probes out there that only run on DOS.   The Saturn V rocket that went to the moon was on IBM DOS on reels.

    I started in computers in 75 on B&W screens but the ribbon tape had been replaced with the 5 1/4" floppy disc in a cardboard case.   

    A whole word processing program called "something could be written on a 640KB disk including a spell check dictionary.  You would pop out the program disk and the computer went stupid.  It had no RAM.  Just a flashing cursor.  There was a spreadsheet program on a separate disk that was called Lotus123 (M$ Excel is identical to it in all ways except in the early computers the screen was black & white.

    .  The computer was a machine that took an entire room by itself that was dust free.  Many components were still vacuum tube.   Just the monitors and the keyboards and the printers were in the classrooms.  Computer cost  roughly around $10,000.00 so only schools or big business could afford them.  There was no internet.

    Fortran & Cobol & Basic were the languages.

    So, it was a glorified electric typewriter.

    Google will tell you in Wikipedia.

    Microsoft & Apple were still "gleams in the eye" [not around yet.]    

    But IBM was making them smaller.  While I was in tech school, the Personal computer was a large box and sold for $6000. Monitor and printer had to be bought separately so again a lot of coin for the average person....for a bucking typewriter.

    No internet.

    I believe Apple happened soon after Microsoft. M$ was using DOS coding so commands were the same.

    Apple brought out the color screen.(I believe)

    Apple is the parent company.  Its products such as the Macintosh (like the Macintosh apple) was a line. The Apple computer did not have a variety.  It was just Apple.   Slowly it branched out to the Macintosh (now Mac)  It did not use IBM DOS coding.

    It wrote its own language, its own O.S.

    Unix was around. Different from DOS.  It became Linux.

    I never had a Commodore64 so can't comment. I would have to Google it.

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    You're both wrong. 

    1. Macintosh is a brand, not a company. Apple is a company.

    2. IBM is a company, not a brand or product.

    3. Apple had other computer brands before the Macintosh, notably the Apple II and Lisa. 

    3. The IBM Personal Computer came out before the Macintosh, but after the Apple II.

    4. Neither Apple nor IBM made the first "personal computer." The Altair 8800 predates Apple as a company by over a year.

    5. The term "computer" itself is ambiguous, but fully electronic computers have been around since the 1940s. The first commercially successful electronic computer was made by Zuse, not IBM. 

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    IBM came before the Mac. There’s no definitive answer on what is the first computer because it depends on what your definition of a computer is. Charles Babbage is credited with building the first computer but it’s not anything like the computer of today. 

    Apple made the Mac. Mac is not a separate company. I can see why she would be confused because I thought Mac was brought by Apple. 

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