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How do i wean mice?

My mouse had bubs (babies). And I want to be prepared to wean them when they are old enough. They are only a few days old and just started growing fur. But I want to know what to do right when they hit the 4 week mark.

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    Take the males out of the cage and put them in a different cage.  They are ready to eat solid food.  Also nearly ready to mate.  So keep them away from the females.

    The girls you can leave with the mom or you can put them in another cage.  If they stay with mom, they may suckle a few days more, but not long.  Or you can transfer them to another cage.  Keep them away from the males.  

    As they grow up, the males may start fighting and you may have to separate them from each other.  

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    Their mom will wean them. You don't need to do anything special. All you need to do is keep them with mom until 3-4 weeks and then separate the boys from the girls. Girls need to be in groups so they can stay with mom or you can move them into smaller groups. Boys must be housed alone. 

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    That’s somwth8ng nature will take care of, momma has the instinct to wean them on her o2n, eventi1lly she will start scrapping with them and will run them over to get away from them.  That’s where you have to be watchful and take them out so she doesn’t get aggressive with them if they are persistent.

    They will also need to be separated by sex, they will and do breed with each other and the boys will try and breed with momma mouse.

    My mice and rats that I have bought from breeders have never ever come pregnant at 2 or 3 months old, all the mice I’ve purchased from the pet shops were pregnant.  They had all the litters jammed together in a small tank, the pet shop employees not knowings the adults would breed with the babies.

    If you handle the babies daily and plan on sell8bf them or even give them away, they will make better pets being used to being handled,

    Our last litter of railings (rat pups) wearer all tame and would run into your hand when lowered in the cage.  I had offers as high as $35 for the hooded take ones. (Sons pets)

    My mice are trained to ride in my pocket and don’t try and crawl out.  Once in a while I forget I’ve got a mouse or two in my pocket snd when I’m sitting doing paperwork they will peek out and say hi.  I usually put them in their box on the desk and let them play until I’m done with my work.  Mice are such fun pets. 

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    You don't have to wean them, mama will do that herself, but you SHOULD separate them by sex when you notice them eating solid foods, so yes, 4-5 weeks of age. They can start breeding that early, and they WILL breed with each other. 

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    2 months ago

    Place them in an empty pillow case, then swing it around above your head a few dozen times.

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