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Are there websites where I can learn about ballet culture? I am fascinated by ballet life. I don't have any experience with it but the ?

subculture fascinates me! I took ballet in 3rd grade but at the end of the year my Mom pulled me out because she did not trust the teacher to be safe. I have gone to ballet productions and watched ballet on TV. Maybe I was meant to be a dancer? Well too late now but hey I can study the culture, so if you know of such websites please tell me.  

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    There are a number of books as well as documentaries out there.  I suggest “Once a Dancer” by ballet dancer Allegra Kent. Not only informative but an excellently written book as well. Documentaries like “The Children of Theatre Street.” While this was back in the 1970s it is very informative on giving an insight into training. https://youtu.be/ZYKAZRXN1ZI

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    Also “Ballets Russes” is an excellent documentary on the earlier days of ballet. There is a documentary on Disney plus called “on pointe.” While I haven’t seen this one, it is supposed to cover what it’s like to study at the prestigious SAB in NYC. That should give you a good start. 

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