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Scientific sports?

10 Meter Sprint (white/black)

50 meter (white/black)

100 Meter (black)

Middle Distance (white/black)

Long Distance (east)

Leg lift (white)

Hip Lift (black)

Upper body lift back (white)

Upper body lift chest (white)

Rotational Power (black)

Heavy Object Throw (white)

Light object throw (black)

Grappling (Whhte)

Striking (Black)

Mixed (White/black)


(mixed = MMA , mixed martial arts , mixed striking and grappling)

Update 2:

So maybe we could break down sport into a scientific test , where our abilities are measured in a more objective way based on the task at hand which is unbias and universal and fair to race?

Update 3:

So a carefully thought out selection of tests for human physical ability 

Update 4:

Long jump , high jump, (rotational power is covered by the heavy and ligth throw, whites have a better heavy object throw though despite less rotational power)

Update 5:

West africans have a stronger rotational strength though 

Update 6:

They cant use it on anything heavy because of longer limbs 

Update 7:

Black people perhaps have less numbers competing but theres a whole lot more black people than white people in the world, its nto like AFrica is banned from sport , so this is a factor 

Update 8:

1 acceleration test maybe 25 meters

Update 9:

or 10 

Update 10:

Maybe make it vertical leap not high jump?

Update 11:

But you get the point careful though out fair overall tests of human physical ability

Update 12:

Oh and when u get one of those strong man types that have long arms in say shot put theya re big with that length in a way west africans are not u know they r build for cold weather and medieval warfare 

Update 13:

Its different. Also im not sure the 100m is an idea distance cause it has alot to do with acceleration maybe the 150 m sprint is better for measuring top speed 

Update 14:

because otherwise u r getting the accelerators winning a race meant for top speed 

Update 15:

the usain bolt body type shdnt be punished unfairly imo because it probably is the best body type for top speed but it gets slaughtered in teh acceleration phase 

Update 16:

Its like its a badly thought out distance 

Update 17:

It would be interesting who reaches the max top speed the 200 m or 100 m guys prob the 100 m but I dont think taen to the extreme the fastest top speeds would be reached by the classic 6 -62 height men 

Update 18:

Why is no one measuring their mph?

Update 19:

Their peak mph?

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