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can i manage on £200 over xmas?

i don't get paid next until two weeks from today, i'm on a fixed income, and after everything is paid out this time, i'll just be left with 200 pounds, i got paid today...can i manage on this for the next two weeks?

oh and if you have anything nasty to say, don't bother answering, and don't hide under anonymity like a coward, i want sensible answers to this.

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  • n2mama
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    2 months ago
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    If everything is paid out and you have 200 left, why wouldn’t you be able to manage for two weeks? When you say “everything” is paid does that include your food as well, or just fixed bills? If you have 200 for two weeks of food, as a single person you still should be able to manage that, just don’t get takeaways for meals and cook at the house. Pasta is cheap, eggs are cheap, sandwiches are cheap. Yes, it might not be a feast, but it should keep you going for the next couple weeks. You also could see if there’s a food bank near you that you could visit to get a little help.

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    We have no idea if you can manage or not.

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