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Do you think breakdancing belongs in the Olympics or is a sport?

I think this is a joke, it’s not a sport. I wonder what other stupid things are gonna get into the Olympics now, marathon cosmetic surgery? Long distance farting? How about stuff that already exists like spitting pumpkin seeds? Or how many clothes pins you can stick on your face? Here comes hot dog eating. 

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    No. It is a joke. 

  • What I think matters not; the IOC took proposals from various sports.  I know that many people thought baseball should have been included, but the IOC wants 'best on best' competition which means they want MLB to release players, which wasn't going to happen.  I heard the same dirge about golf (which is a sport).  The pro tours agreed to a participation window and release players for an Olympic tournament.  I'd argue that if the IOC were to add a sport they should consider cricket (not popular in North America but no doubt its popularity in other parts of the world), if the cricket federations agreed to a participation window and releasing top players.

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    3 months ago

    Break dancing is a legitimate physical activity, however it is closer to gymnastics which is done in time with music. However, I don't see it as an accepted Olympic sport.

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