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Is Corporate-America a bit-- to everyone?

I don't think I have what it takes

to thrive in Corporate-America.   

I can't even handle more than

30 hours/week at Coffee-Bean.   

It's a nice 40 minute walk away,   

but it gets draining after 8 hours.   

Of course I do want to work, but

I'm afraid most jobs are way   

too fast-paced and/or demanding.   

What I need is something like

Library-Tech or working from   

home in Medical-Transcription Editing.   

Life isn't supposed this

painful or back-breaking.   


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    Corporate America is Corporate America. I mean it pays the bills and pays a better wage than elsewhere but it isn't what it is cracked up to be and it definitely is not meritocratic. My advice? You want it? Whatever Corporate gig you get, make the most of it and rid yourself of debts and stack up as many chips before you get laid off.

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