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Should I move out of my home town?

I'm a 23-year-old introvert and don't have many friends so it's not like I want to move because of "toxic" people. I love everyone here to death but I'm tired of this city. I've been thinking on moving to another city for some time now... If i do decide to move it would be for next year around February. Should I do it? or is it too crazy? 

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    Go ahead and do it.  If it turns out at all badly, you can always move back.  We grow by expanding our horizons.  Do it, but don`t dwell on it if it turns out to be not what you thought it`d be.  Variety really is the spice of life.

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    Assuming you're employed and able to work from anywhere you might give it a few more months to see what local economies are doing okay after the COVID vaccines are released. Some places won't be very pleasant for a long while, others will bounce back faster. 

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    It will do you a world of good to try something new and live on your own. 

    Research apartments in the area. Have a job lined up before you go. 

    You may want to wait until next summer or fall , just due to the pandemic.  

    I moved from IL to Phoenix AZ when I was 22. I stayed there 18 months and ended up moving back due to my dad’s illness.  

    You can always move back home city.

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    It depends on why you wish to make a move. If you have found a job some distance from your hometown and you can afford to pay rent there and the travelling distance from home to work etc. are all acceptable then go for it.  If you have doubts don't move until you are sure about everything.  It costs money to move house, it is stressful and hard work so do ensure that this move is right for you.

    I left my parents home at age 18 (many years ago) and it was the best decision I ever made but that does not mean it would be the best thing for you.  Don't rush.

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    Only if you know where you want to go.  You don't say where you are or what you like to do.  Nobody can advise you without knowing those things.  If you think job opportunities might be better somewhere else, that is valid reason to more.

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    Many people leave their home town, even introverts. It's normal to want to move away, see new scenery, experience different things. It's not too crazy. The good thing is you can always visit family or even move back if you get homesick. I left my hometown at 20, over 40 years ago and never returned, only to visit family. 

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