94 FXDL problems?

I have a low mileage 94 dyna low rider with a stock carburetor and a stock air cleaner, and it doesn’t idle normally while it’s warming up, or even after it’s been running for a while. It rides fine, sounds fine, but no matter how long I let it warm up, it’ll bog out and die if I don’t hold the choke cable open or keep it at like a steady 2000rpm using the throttle. Even after it’s been ridden and warmed up, the minute I let off the throttle the rpms will start to drop and the bike will die within a minute. 

I’m not super familiar with carbureted motorcycles, it did just have all the top end gaskets changed out too if that makes a difference. Only things I can think of is maybe the stock air cleaner needs to changed out for a higher performance one, or the carb just needs to be re-jetted? It has a 2 into 1 exhaust and I know that’ll changed up some things, but I’m not a mechanic so I’m not entirely sure. Any ideas?

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  • adam
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    2 months ago
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    the fact that you need to use the choke to keep it running indicates its running lean. Possibly one or both of the manifolds is leaking. Start it up. after you get it fully warmed up spray WD40 around the intake manifold . Thats the Y looking devise that goes from the carb to the cylinder heads . If the Idle smoothes out right away you have a manifold leak. Easy to to tighten those up you will see metal bands on the manifold. Before you tighten them up first make sure the carb is fully inside the manifold and that on the other side the manifold is solid to the cylinder heads. Its also possible that its jetted to lean. Or that the air cleaner isnt solidly mounted to the carb. Make sure the O ring is in place inside the air cleaner. its also possible that whoever put the free flowing 2 into 1 pipe on her didnt jet it for that. Look at your spark plugs . they should be a grey brown even color . White indicates LEAN. Why were the gaskets changed? Oil leaks I presume? Im wondering if that bike has other issues and the previous owner did just enough to sell it. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sounds like whomever did the "top end work"  left manifold loose. Careful, a bad leak can hole a piston. Spray WD-40 'round it and carb while running; any change in revs signals a leak at that point.

    Is yours an 88 "? My '06 FXDL is, too.   Onlyest  reason I  can see anyone  doing top end work on  a "low mileage" twin cam is to change the Cams. This requires removing heads, pushrods, exhausts, and, Intake Manifold. Hotter cams will also affect low end, starting, warmup.

  • 2 months ago

    You have dirt or ethanol gum in your carb jets.

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