There's a girl in Europe, claiming to be pregnant and I think they're lying. The partner is in the U.S.?

1 - Woman has claimed being pregnant before and "miscarried" with the same partner

2 - Woman goes to the doctor every 2 weeks

3 - At 10/11 weeks along, she claimed she was having a girl and she found out via ultrasound

4 - has mentioned not being able to fly after December (she'll be 4/5 months along at this point) when she was 3 weeks along and no known complication at this point

5 - Claims that the baby, when born, won't be able to fly until 6 months old according to her doctor.

6 - Ultrasounds have no general information on them, just a picture of the fetus in the ultrasound

7 - The partner she is pregnant with was diagnosed as sterile after trying for years  to conceive with their ex wife.

8 - There haven't been any live feeds of going to the doctor.

What's the likelihood that this woman is lying?


The 'father' was diagnosed as sterile when he and his ex were trying to have a baby. IVF was the only viable solution for the couple due to his inability to produce enough sperm.

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    Ultrasound can't tell you the sex that early, although a blood test can as early as 11 weeks. If she doesn't want to fly past 20 weeks that's her choice, and it's not uncommon for doctors to recommend against flying with an infant until the baby has had at least their first rounds of immunizations (usually around 2 months in the US, but maybe her country's vaccine schedule is different). An ultrasound printout would usually have the pregnant person's name on it, so just a picture seems a bit questionable. As for live feeds, it could be against clinic policy. 

    The thing about the partner being sterile... are you *sure* he's actually sterile, as in has had a semen analysis and shown to have zero sperm? Or has he just been diagnosed as infertile? They are not necessarily the same thing. If the male partner is 110% sure that there is no way he could father a child, then duh, of course she's lying. If she is pregnant, it's not by him.

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