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When was Stevie Nicks at the height of her coke addiction ?

During which  years or albums ?


That Coke sounds pretty nasty Weasel, I think I will stick to Fanta.

Update 2:

if only all druggies looked this sexy.

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ps,  I believe she said once going off coke about 1995/6  she was hooked on some benzodiazapine called Klonopin and that really stuffed her life around for 8 years so she barely make it through the 1987 recording of " Tango in the Night".

That would have turned her into a zombie-like figure barely able. to function.

That goodness she was able to get her act together for the 1997 live re-union " The Dance".

Update 3:

oops she went off coke in 1985/6.

And on the Tango album she even wrote a song about he time in rehab " Welcome to Your Room , Sara ".

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    she basically speaks of her time as a huge coke addict from about the time   shortly after the release of Rumours....when things totally skyrocketed for her.......but then their next album more or less crashed and burned....and the group broke basically  first half of the 80's.....and she  finally entered rehab in 85 or so, after burning a hole in her nose with all the Coke. 

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    Last week or the week before?

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    Look it up. She speaks quite openly about it.

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