Do you think Jimin gets annoyed with Jin?

Before anyone start attacking me. This is a genuine question based on many videos I've seen. 

Video 1: Jungkook was hitting Jin (playfully). Jimin yelled/blamed Jin. Jin also winked out of nervous habit and Jimin said he was being weird.

Video 2: They were doing a cooking segment. Jin wanted to help Jimin but Jimin said to go away. Yet Jimin had no problem cooking with Suga.

Video 3: Jin and Jimin were paired up for some game. Jin was doing well and was happy. Jimin was barely talking and look annoyed. 

Video 4: Jin said he was charismatic. Jimin said he wasn't.

Other examples: Jimin calling Jin old, bad dancer, weird, etc. 

I think they have a weird relationship. I feel like Jimin is nicer to the other hyungs and acts annoyed with Jin a lot. What are your opinion on this and any facts/examples to back up your answer.

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