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Curly hair being weighed down and frizzy?

This isn’t me, but on the left, that’s exactly what my hair looks like! And on the right is what I want my hair to look like, I have 2b curls, but it gets sooo frizzy and messy like on the left. Should I get it thinned? Get layers? What should I do? I think my hair is being weighed down because it’s pretty long, so there’s no curls on the top. And it gets so frizzy. I want to be able to put my hair in buns and pony tails still, so I’m scared of layers. 

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  • If you do decide to get a hair cut, show the stylist what your hair used to look like and ask what you can do to get it back to that condition. 

    Yes you should get a hair cut and a good one, preferably by some one that has experience working with curly hair. 

    Don't be scared of layers, in the pic on the right it looks like you had layers. As long as the layers aren't too short (let your stylist know if you want layers), you should be able to put it in a pony tail or how ever you want to wear it up. 

    Getting some of the bulk removed can help too. That can help bring out the curls.

    I have about 3b curly hair. 

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