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Does anyone have any good food names representing WWI?

Im trying to create a fake menu involving things from WWI, for example food representing parts of WWI. Since women's suffrage was apart of WWI what represents, and other big events like league of nations.

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    ANZAC biscuits were quite literally named after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps so that's an easy one for you.

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    (League of Nations is after WW1).

    Not quite sure what you want but here are a few random suggestions for foods

    Liberty Sausage  (names of dachshunds were changed)

    Bully Beef

    Machonicie Stew

    Lord Devonport's War Bread


    You could do some spoof names, I guess, using names like 

    Sarajevo Sago, Big Bertha Buns, Lloyd George's Cabinet Pudding

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    2 months ago

    Bean soup and bread, treacle pudding.

    Toad-in-the-hole and potatoes, potted cheese

    Mutton stew and suet pudding.

    Fish and potato pie, then baked raisin pudding.

    Boiled sweets

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    Archduke Francis Ferdinand

    Serbia fights back


    Battle of somme/verdun/etc

    Socialist revolution




    Women's suffrage mostly predated ww1 or came in the1920s. 

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