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Is Fuji X-E3 a semi-pro camera?

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    Yes, it's a good semi-pro or 'prosumer' camera which, in experienced hands, can return you some good quality photos. I don't think it has a tilting screen, so taking very low level and overhead shots, and even selfies (which camera enthusiasts still like to do) won't be so easy.   The more expensive XT3 or 4 would be better and maybe more robust; they're weather-sealed too which is important for hikers in wild palces.  However, as someone already mentioned, in the pro-market, customers still expect to see Canon or Nikon gear. To be fair they do have industry leading cameras, lenses and accessories, so it's not just tradition and loyalty.

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    I think a lot of people's knee-jerk reaction is to say that it's not the camera but what you do with it and that there's no such a thing as a pro camera.  While there's merit to this, the question is not whether a pro/advanced amateur would take stunning images with the X-E3.  Rather the question is the X-E3 capable of meeting the needs & expectations of a pro or semi-pro photographer.

    I think another way of saying "semi-pro" would be "advanced amateur."  When labeling a camera pro or advanced amateur, what is really being said is that the camera is designed in such a way that it can meet the needs and expectations of someone who shoots specific things in specific ways at specific rates that is typical of a professional or advanced amateur as opposed to the types and amounts of a beginner.  For example, a pro/advanced amateur will easily shoot tens of thousands of images a year.  Therefore they need a camera designed to take that kind of abuse of being used and abused on a daily basis. 

    They will need specific features such as dual memory card slots, a super-fast and accurate AF system. 

    They'll need a viewfinder and one of good quality, too.  They may need the ability to shoot fast and for a long time (i.e. that camera needs a big internal buffer).

    Pros and advanced amateurs would not need a boat load of auto modes for landscape, portrait, macro, etc...; that stuff is for those who don't know what they're doing.

    With this in mind, does the X-E3 meet the needs of a pro/advanced amateur?  I think that the answer is no.  For one thing, the camera is not environmentally sealed. Then there's the problem of it having only one card slot and it can't use the super-fast XQ cards.  Although it is partly made of magnesium.  I think a pro or semi-pro would not use this camera as their workhorse, go-to camera.  I think someone who uses Fujifilm's cameras for their main work would use the X-E3 as a camera to carry around town for fun stuff or take to a party where they wouldn't be worried too much about it getting stolen.  I mean wouldn't you be more concerned about loosing a $7,000 body lens vs a sub $1,000 one? 

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    Cameras are tools, and a pro can use any camera to make a living. Of course, pros would like to use the best tools they can afford. Often, a pro is also judged by the cameras and lenses they use. Therefore they tend to use Nikon and Canon, since their potential clients are more easily impressed by either of these brands, more so than other brands such as Pentax, Olympus, Fuji or Sony. Amateurs can use any brand they want since they do not have to impress any potential customer with their gear. So, regardless of whether one is a pro, an amateur or a semi-pro, any camera model or brand can be the camera of their choice. 

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