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How good of a camera is the canon powershot sx420? ?

My hands shake a little and I'm looking for a decent camera to take pictures of the outdoors and family would this be a good camera?

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  • qrk
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    2 months ago

    I would go with a Canon G7X. The Mark II is going for about $500 which includes a case and memory card at B&H Photo. It has a 1" sensor which will be way better than the tiny sensors in the cameras you list. The image stabilization works well, but if your shaking is bad enough where the IS doesn't work, get a monopod or learn to stabilize the camera against any solid object (wall, fence, table, car, ...).

  • Sumi
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    2 months ago

    The camera has a lens that is equivalent to a 24mm~1,000mm lens in 35mm format.  For 99% of users, they have zero need for such a long zoom range.  I'd say with the exception of the one time you take a photo of the Moon, all of your images are going to be in the 24-300mm range (equivalent).

    Now, maybe I'm wrong.  The camera is designed for those who need to photograph things that are either small and not close (e.g. birds) or things that are somewhat larger and far away (e.g. soccer player).

    The camera does have image stabilization, which is will be greatly needed when photographing with the lens zoomed out to 300mm or longer (regardless if your hands normally shake or not).

    The 20MP sensor will allow you to make prints up to 11" x 17".  If that is not something that you need, then consider getting a camera with a lower resolution.

    The camera is not designed for low light photo unless on a tripod.  The reason is that the sensor is very, very small at only 1/2.3".  The 20MP on the sensor means that they must be very tiny pixels in order to fit that many onto it.  Small pixels produce a large amount of noise.  So expect the image quality of this camera to on par with a smartphone which has a similarly-sized sensor.  Now, you will not likely see this noise if all you do is look at the photos on your phone because the LCD screen is too small and to low-res to show the defects in the image caused by the lens and/or the sensor.  Keep in mind that this camera came out in 2016 which is ancient for a digital camera.  A camera with a lower resolution on the same size of sensor will have better image quality since the pixels will be larger.  IOW - much less noise and better sharpness, color and contrast.

    The LCD screen is fixed, so there's no possible way to see yourself when making a selfie or a video.  The screen is also extremely low detailed at just 230,000 dot which is less than a cheap smartphone.  But what do you want for only $229 MSRP.

    The SX420 can take 0.5 frames per second which is, again, a mere fraction of your phone's capabilities.  A slow frame rate along with a slow focusing system makes this camera strictly for stationary subjects.  It would not be useful for anything moving.

    Video quality is not even HD.

    Personally, if I could not afford anything more than $229, I would buy a used Canon Powershot G series camera.  The G series is Canon's top-of-the-line flagship point and shoot cameras.  A used $229 G is going to be vastly better than a new SX420.

    You can compare image quality of similar cameras here:

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