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Trump vows to run again in 2024... does that mean he'll become first ever to lose the Popular Vote 3 times?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    LMAO-- Probably. It also means that all his insults leveled at Biden about being too old are straight-up hypocritical since in 2024, Trump will be older than Biden is now. If Trump were to win in 2024, he'd be the most elderly President elected ever in US history. 

    And keep in mind, Biden is a guy who runs 5 miles a day, while Trump is a guy who can't even run 5 steps; Biden is fit, lean, and highly active, while Trump is morbidly obese with a reputation for being lazy; and Biden eats a healthy diet to maintain healthy weigh, healthy blood pressure, and good cardiovascular health, while Trump has been reported by numerous sources to eat KFC or McDonald's every day, sometimes both.

    So it'll be a miracle of Trump makes it to 2024 without keeling over from a massive coronary infarction or from a stroke. But I won't put it passed him. Only the good die young, while the evil live forever. 

    Still, I wonder why he'd want to run again. He's hated these past four years. This is a man who gorges himself on praise to survive, who has a pathological need to be considered the best of all time ever at everything, who is used to always getting his way, who is used to never being question, and who cannot stand to lose because there is absolutely nothing worse in Trump's opinion than a loser. 

    In his ivory tower-- well, golden Trump tower-- that was his life. That hasn't been his life these past four years. His life has been hell. So why he would ever want to run again rather than go back to the quite enjoyable life he had before is beyond me. Not completely beyond me. His enormous and fragile ego. That'll be what'll get him to run again in 2024.

    Were Trump to run again in 2024, it's not clear he could get the Republican nomination. There are too many who want a crack at President, Republican leadership. We're already seeing the party fracture between moderates and alt-right Trump supporters. With Republican leadership wanting their party back, wanting their power back rather than the GOP being the Trump show, they're going to move towards center and try to return to mainstream Republicanism, which will like split the party. Trump having no loyalty to the party at all will march out of the Republican Party, start a new Trump Party, and take all those Trump supporters with him, demonizing moderate Republicans and Republican leadership.

    So running in 2024 may very well mean conservatives splitting into a much smaller Republican Party and the Trump Party. If that's the case, he'll definitely lose the popular vote again. A Republican Party divided into two parties stands no chance of beating the Democratic Party for the office of POTUS, which it won't be Biden running, for he's already announced he won't be running for reelection, but some other Democrat.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes. Forever remembered as the BIGGEST LOSER IN HISTORY.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Isn’t he the first one to lose the popular vote twice so there’s a very good chance he’ll lose a third one. Let’s just hope it’s not a repeat of 2016 where he becomes the president. 

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