Extra EXTRA help, like a GENIUS tutor, that can help bf...?

A GENIOUS tutor or "anything" that could help and my bf be successful in college. He can't get through one academic question, he's probably about 70% slower than all of the other students. He wants to have the freedom to have any job he wants, like a physical trainer for those who are injured or something. But he wants a good education for it. He's so clever and funny, he is smart just academically been slowed down, he's totally sexy and cute, HOTTEST guy around, oh hell yah I'm bragging!!! 


He's not stupid, he's been in prison for twenty years, has been shot and stabbed 15 times, me and him, no, we are not stupid.

Update 2:

THANK YOU!!! I haven't tooken him to college yet. Haha but that is good news!!! 👍

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  • 2 months ago
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    If he's slower than other students, it's likely due to the 20 year gap between his last formal education and his current college venture. Curriculums; teaching and study methods were different a few decades ago. 

    A genius tutor (if such a person exists other than at a hefty fee) would only be able to help him to a certain level. Does the college not offer tutoring classes? Is there a college student assistance program that he could use to address his school related challenges?

    Did he attend a bridging course before enrolling in college?

    It's a course with an academic curriculum that is offered to mature students as a means of preparing for the intellectual challenges of a tertiary education.

    Try googling effective study techniques.

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