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Should a miracle lead us to believe in a particular religion?

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    No, but that God exists.  I brought a native woman to Christianity.  She had been a native shaman, and healer.  Sometime after becoming Christian, we took a healing course together.  The Archdeacon doing it said, "It is Jesus Christ who heals."  She had been healing for many years - LONG before learning about Jesus!  In her original native religion, it was God who healed.  Of course, Christians do have that Jesus is God, but, if you don't accept Jesus, what then?  She healed both as a native shaman, and later as a Christian.  As far as she was concerned, it was the same God who was doing the healing through her.

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    HANG ON!  If you don't believe that Jesus walked on water, you are going straight to HELL!  

    Ya gotta love the guy!

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    Yeah right!

    Go on over to the Voodoo joint or where ever and join that "particular religion."

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    I'm sure that's the hope of people who tell stories of miracles.

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  • If you think a miracle has happened,  it should lead you to examine it skeptically.

    No event considered miraculous by some has ever been confirmed  by a non-religious person with an agenda to be true.

    I find it strange why mainly Catholics see miracles everywhere.

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    There are no "miracles" only claims of having witness a miracle and the yet undiscovered natural explanation. A moronic preacher talking gibberish is not him talking in tongues. Its only gibberish. 

    A person who recovers from cancer that has a 90% fatality rate is not a miracle, its just one of the 10%. 

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